Prep Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Servings: 12



One turkey carcass

4 quarts water

1 (28 oz.) can whole peeled tomatoes, chopped

Six small potatoes, diced

Four large carrots, diced

One large onion, diced

2 stalks celery, diced

1 ½ cups shredded cabbage

½ cup uncooked barley

1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 ½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. dried parsley

1 tsp. dried basil

One large bay leaf

¼ tsp. freshly cracked black pepper

¼ tsp. ground paprika

¼ tsp. poultry seasoning

1 pinch dried thyme



Place the turkey carcass in a large soup pot, add the water, and heat to a boil. Cook for about an hour, with the heat reduced to a simmer, or until the leftover meat falls off the bones.

Turkey carcass should be taken out of the pot. Any leftover turkey meat should be removed and chopped. Toss the carcass.

Pour the broth into a fresh soup pot after passing it through a fine mesh strainer. The filtered broth should now contain chopped turkey. Bring to a boil.

After lowering the heat, stir in tomatoes, barley, Worcestershire sauce, salt, parsley, basil, bay leaf, pepper, paprika, poultry seasoning, and thyme. Additional ingredients can be added at this point as well. Simmer for another hour or so or until vegetables are soft.

Before serving, remove the bay leaf.